Shipping from Indonesia to Malaysia

Cargo containers on a ship

Getting items shipped from Indonesia to Malaysia can be done via various methods. Additionally, Haulx is able to ship any item you need at the most cost-efficient rates.

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Shipping methods available

Airplane in the sky

Air freight

Air freight is the transportation of cargo of any nature via an aircraft. This is the fastest shipping method and is typically used to fulfil urgent shipments.

Shipping from Indonesia to Malaysia by air will take approximately 2 – 3 days.

Sea freight

Sea freight transports cargo in containers via ships. You can choose between these two modes: less than container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL).

As each container is substantially huge, large quantities of cargo can be shipped through this method. The only downside to this is the longer duration.

Shipping from Indonesia to Malaysia by sea will take approximately 5 – 7 days.

Ship filled with cargo containers

Documents required for exports from Indonesia

All exporters shipping goods out of Indonesia have to obtain a

  • customs identification number (NIK),
  • taxpayer identification number (NPWP), and
  • any of the following business licenses:
    • Trade license from the Ministry of Trade
    • Manufacturing license from the Ministry of Industry
    • PMA license from the Investment Coordinating Board
    • Exporter identification number (APE)

Additionally, the following documents are compulsory to submit.

  • Export permit
  • Certificate of origin
  • Bill of lading, airway bill or cargo receipt
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Export declaration of goods
  • Insurance certificate

Thereafter, depending on the nature of your goods, it may also be necessary to provide the following documents.

  • Taxpayer ID number (NPWP)
  • Quality statement or certificate

Documents required for imports into Malaysia

All importers shipping goods into Malaysia are to provide the following:

  • Bill of lading or airway bill
  • Packing list
  • Invoice
  • Permit or licenses
  • Declaration form (Customs Form No. 1)

For the full list of documents required, refer to these guidelines.

Note that all taxes and duties imposed are to be paid in advance before the goods can be released.

Benefits of hiring a freight forwarder

Stress-free shipping experience

Getting items shipped from country to country can be very stressful, especially if you are new to the process and the value of your cargo is high.

A freight forwarder is able to lift the weight off your shoulders by settling the documentation and making the necessary arrangements.

Affordable shipping rates

Freight forwarding companies work with many different shipping partners from all parts of the world. These connections allow them to design the most cost-efficient routes and pass on cost savings to customers in the form of more affordable rates.

Freight forwarding procedure from Indonesia to Malaysia

Find a reliable freight forwarder

Do your research – read reviews and testimonials written by past customers. A freight forwarding company with good reviews and years of experience would be more reliable.

Contact your choice of freight forwarder

After you have picked a company, drop them an email with details about your shipment, including

  • a list of items that you are planning to ship
  • the exact address of pick up and drop off
  • preferred date of arrival at destination (if any)

Quotation is provided

From there, your freight forwarder will be able to advise you regarding the best shipping method and the cost.

Cargo is picked up and sent to destination country

Once you have approved the quotation, the company will arrange for your goods to be picked up and transported to the destination country.

Customs clearance is settled

Customs clearance will be settled by the company on your behalf. Any taxes and duties will also be billed to either the sender or receiver.

Port-to-door delivery is done

After clearing the customs, trucking services will be arranged to transport your cargo from the seaport or airport to the destination.

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